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BISMARCK, ND — 世界有时会感到分裂和失控,混乱,焦虑和持续的动荡. Today, 人们正在寻找一种强大的团结和治愈的力量——不仅仅是天主教徒,而是整个世界. People need to be awakened and reminded during it all — Jesus is present through the Real Presence. 

“Jesus desires to heal, renew, 通过将我们再次团结在我们信仰的源头和顶峰——圣餐,来统一教会和世界,” states the National Eucharistic Revival web page. 

The National Eucharistic Revival, 这是去年6月发起的一项为期三年的活动,主题是“基督至圣圣体与圣血的庄严仪式”, or Corpus Christi, 是一项运动,通过帮助我们在圣餐中更新对耶稣基督的崇拜,在美国恢复对这一伟大奥秘的理解和奉献,” their website states.   

The University of Mary’s new chapel choir, Cappella, is contributing to the revival by featuring Eucharistic music:  polyphony, hymns, chant and more, in their rehearsals, performances, and recording projects. 录音汇编将包括来自天博app的现场表演, 以及2023年5月与音乐系一起在西班牙和法国巡演的著名景点, including sites of Eucharistic miracles in Montserrat and Zaragoza, Spain. They’ll also include Eucharistic fervorinos from Chaplain, Father Bouck, 天博app校长詹姆斯·谢伊(Monsignor James Shea)是全国圣体复兴的演讲者之一,也是红衣主教纽曼协会的指导委员会成员 Task Force for Eucharistic Education.

卡佩拉委托世界著名作曲家迈克尔·约翰·特罗塔创作了《天博app下载》. 合唱团刚刚开始学习这部作品,并将在校园一年一度的职业大聚会期间进行全球首演. Cappella is also in the process of commissioning a setting of “O Sacrum Convivium,” with more details announced soon.

“我们很高兴为教会委托艺术和美丽的作品——还有什么比把我们的注意力和崇敬集中在圣餐上更好的场合呢?” said Raber, 他也是红衣主教纽曼会圣餐教育专责小组的成员. “When I heard about the Eucharistic Revival, I knew I wanted to do something from the perspective of music. Music has the capacity to help us understand more fully and gratefully, the mystery and truth of our faith. Cappella shines in a project like this. Each day, 无伴奏合唱学生用他们的音乐天赋和内心的奉献精神为我们的社区创造美丽. 这是无伴奏合唱团的特殊使命和事工,深植于我们天主教礼仪的核心. We are inspired by our University Ministry patron, St. John Paul II, who, in his Letter to Artists, urged us to craft our music, beauty—as a gift to the world. 我们正集中我们的时间和资源,通过音乐为这项重要的倡议作出贡献,使其他人能更充分地欣赏圣体的美丽. Singing this music in our own university community is certainly a blessing; however, sharing this music outside our community is something that we are particularly called to do. 我们渴望到世界各地去分享我们对圣乐和圣体的爱.”

Trotta believes beauty is important to the composition process consisting of the three elements — integritasconsonantia, and claritas — Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote in Summa Theologica, that which is beautiful has wholeness, proportion, and radiance.

“There are so many things that I love about this text,” commented Trotta. “在我们为这个特殊项目考虑的许多文本中,这篇文本从所有其他文本中脱颖而出. 这首赞美诗的历史是,它通常是在弥撒奉献期间在圣餐的高度演唱. Mozart and William Byrd have perhaps the most well-known settings of this text, but the hymn itself goes back at least to the 13th century.”

Cappella is a new, 独一无二的教堂唱诗班成立于2021年,由来自美国和加拿大各地的大约30名天赋异禀的神圣音乐歌手组成. Like a university sports team, each student is recruited and auditioned — and if chosen to join Cappella, they receive generous scholarships to sing sacred music at the University of Mary.

“Cappella is unique,” added Raber. “Students audition from all over the country to be part of this ensemble, full of skilled musicians with a special devotion to sacred music. 学生们就像我们礼拜堂里美丽的彩绘玻璃板,当上帝的光芒透过他们时,他们就会发光.”

“As members of Cappella, 我们有一个独特的机会,直接安排我们的工作,以荣耀上帝和启发教会, through our participation in the Sacrifice of the Mass,” said Dominic Plummer, a sophomore business administration major from Marietta, GA. “圣餐是这个机会的核心,也是我们使命的基础. In our newest project, 我们渴望并有责任在我们自己的社区和教会中,围绕感恩圣体,重新培养敬拜的气氛.”

“Sacred music is an integral part of our Catholic faith,” reflected Curstin Larson, a sophomore sacred music major from Foley, MN. “它能触动人的灵魂,使人理解教会的伟大真理,这是其他任何东西都无法做到的. 无伴奏合唱有一种独特的能力,通过美来教育,并通过它的音乐激发奉献精神.”

Cappella is doing its part to fulfill JPII’s wishes and spread God’s glory, 还有什么比在世界舞台上作为为期三年的圣体复兴的一部分更好的方式呢. Once the collection of recordings is produced after their return from Europe, people will be able to access it through the Cappella website, which also has a page devoted to the Eucharistic Revival Project. 关注Cappella的社交媒体,获得圣体复兴计划的更新和高级录音@cappellaumary (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).


任何想要了解更多本科或研究生课程的人都可以在, or, respectively, or by contacting an admissions representative at, or by calling (701) 355-8030. 天博app是美国仅有的15所纽曼枢机主教协会推荐住宿学院和大学之一. 

About the University of Mary: 忠实于其座右铭“lumen vitae”-生命之光-天博app通过前沿的专业课程和研究生课程提供整个生命的教育,这些课程由道德勇气和所选职业的领导能力以及对社区的服务所激励. A private, co-educational Catholic institution, the University of Mary welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.

A Christian, Catholic, 本笃会机构成立于1959年,由本笃会姐妹报喜修道院, Mary offers nearly 60 bachelor’s, 15 master’s, and five doctoral programs—in Business Administration, Education, Nursing Practice, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. 在全国大学体育协会(NCAA)和美国大学曲棍球协会(ACHA)会议的管理下,19个体育部门坚持其通过美德实现伟大的使命. With more than 3,800 students, Mary has locations in North Dakota, Montana, Arizona, Rome, Italy, as well as vibrant online offerings. For more information, visit

2022-2023 University of Mary Cappella Choir

Cappella Director, Dr. Rebecca Raber 


Sophia Ahlquist (Bloomington, MN) 

Cecelia Brennan (Saint Paul, MN) 

Curstin Larson (Foley, MN) 

Kamryn Morrison (Minot, ND) 

Emily Storick (Bismarck, ND) 

Mary Storick (Bismarck, ND) 

Tatiana Van Tiem (Stevens Point, WI)


Kendall Alexander (Eau Claire, WI) 

Emma DeVries (Des Moines, IA) 

Maggie Havlicek (Elko, MN) 

Mary Kracht (West Saint Paul, MN) 

Maleeka Kramlich (Jamestown, ND) 

Rebecca Rell (Merrill, WI) 

Sebella Sorenson (New England, ND)


Landon Ahlquist (Bloomington, MN)

Kalen Hill (Minot, ND) 

Marshall Milless (Andover, MN) 

Dominic Miniatt (Cadott, WI) 

William Oakes (Stillwater, MN) 

Dominic Plummer (Marietta, GA)


Simon Bowden (Fargo, ND) 

Jacob Ganzer (Maple Grove, MN) 

Nicholas Lynch (Holcombe, WI) 

Isaiah Maertens (Center, ND) 

Caleb Raes (Deloraine, Manitoba) 

Joseph Shakal (Bloomer, WI)


Elizabeth Dust (Peoria, IL)

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